2.3KHz Active Buzzer


2.3KHz Active Buzzer


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This buzzer has its own internal tone generator. Simply apply 4-12VDC to the positive leg and ground the negative leg of this buzzer and it will generate a 2.3kHz tone. No external electronics or circuitry are required to generate the tone, this is done internally. The tone is continuous as long as power is applied and measures ~85dB @ 5V. If you wish to control this with an Arduino or other microcontroller, we recommend using a transistor as it draws up to 35mA (more than a pin on the Arduino can handle)


  • Sound Pressure: 85dB @ 5V, 10cm
  • Frequency: 2.3kHz
  • Current: up to 35mA
  • Operating Mode: Single Tone
  • Voltage Range: 4 – 12V
  • Input Type: DC

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