16×2 Character LCD – Green on Black


16×2 Character LCD – Green on Black


SKU: LCD-021


Character displays are very useful for displaying basic text information from your project. This 16×2 Character LCD has 2 lines with 16 characters per line for all of your character display needs. The display has a black / dark green background with green text – the green is a forest green, not the yellow green seen on older character LCDs and displays. This model does not include the breakaway header or trim potentiometer required for hookup.

For those looking to avoid using 6 digital pins, we carry an excellent Character Backpack by Adafruit Industries that allows a character display to operate over I2C or SPI!


  • Requires only 6 digital pins for operation
  • Breadboard Friendly (2.54mm)


Character LCD: http://learn.adafruit.com/character-lcds

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