100 x 50mm Proto Board


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This medium sized perfboard measures 100 x 50mm and features 4 mounting holes in each corner. This perfboard has interconnected rails and rows just like a solderless breadboard, saving quite a bit of wiring over a standard perfboard. There are 6 horizontal power rails; each pair of full length rails is separated by vertical rows of 6 pins. This familiar format makes for an easy transfer of a prototype circuit on a breadboard to a much more permanent shield.

The board itself is FR4 PCB material with a 1oz copper layer and plated through holes – it will stand up to quite a bit of abuse!


  • Dimensions: 100 x 50mm
  • Plated through holes
  • 1.6mm FR4 PCB material
  • Mounting Holes: 88.9mm x 40.65mm
  • Familiar breadboard layout
  • 1 oz copper layer

Weight 16 g


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