• The New Raspberry Pi 3+

    The Raspberry Pi 3+ is the most powerful version of this single board computer released to date. With a 1.4GHz Quad Core Processor, 1GB of RAM, and built in Dual Band WiFi - What will you do with it?

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  • The BBC Micro:bit has arrived in Canada!

    The BBC micro:bit is a pocket-sized computer designed for beginners in electronics and coding. The micro:bit makes getting into these often daunting fields as easy as possible.

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New Product Roundup – April 15th to April 21st

Happy Saturday! Just a short New Product Roundup for this week. So what’s new? Well, we have another new microcontroller from Adafruit based on the Atmel ATMEGA32u4 chipset, another version of our surprisingly popular ceramic screwdrivers, and an even larger perfboard / protoboard. Let’s go have a closer look at each!

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Pi Friday – April Edition

Its hard to believe its already been a month since the Pi3+ has been released. A few more Pi3 B+ thoughts today: Now that a fair number of people have received 3B+’s we can get some idea of what effect the changes have in ‘the real world’.

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New Product Roundup – April 8th to April 14th

Saturday is here, and with that, another edition of our New Product Roundup! This week we have a new version of our Raspberry Pi Starter Kit built around the Pi3+ , a really interesting color sensor from Adafruit, and a few other bits and pieces.

Before we jump into the details about our new products – a quick reminder about our upcoming workshop: This Tuesday evening we have our ESP8266 & Arduino introductory workshop – if you are interested in taking part, we do have a few seats left. For more information (or to register) have a look at the workshop page!

Alright, lets go take a closer look at each of these new products!
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SparkFun AST-CAN485 Dev Board

New Product Roundup – March 25th to April 7th

We are back with another New Product Roundup! With last weekend being skipped due to the Easter Holiday, we have quite a bit to catch up on. Over the last two weeks we have added a couple new Arduino products from SparkFun including their new CANBUS/RS485 equipped microcontroller, a new I2C Clock Generator from Adafruit, some workbench accessories, and more!

Also, Good News for those looking for the New Raspberry Pi 3+, the backlog has been cleared and there is now stock available as per normal.

Lets jump in and have a closer look at each of the new products!

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Pi Friday with Tim

I’m Tim, and I have been involved with ARM processors and Smalltalk since the early 1980s, working on various projects on the earth and orbiting it. More recently I have been involved in the Raspberry Pi project (using Smalltalk to make a better Scratch for all those young programmers on the Pi) and creating replica AstroPi Flight Cases (like those on the ISS). I have also been running the workshops at BC Robotics for a few months now. For those unfamiliar, we run workshops focusing on the Raspberry Pi, and recently, the ESP8266 in Arduino.

In addition to the workshops, you will also be hearing from me one Friday a month – I will be posting a Pi Friday segment on the site with a few interesting tidbits and tricks surrounding the Pi. Hope you enjoy!

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