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New Product Roundup – September 21st

It’s the weekend again, and that means we are back with another edition of our New Product Roundup. This week we have four new products to share (three of them being our very own designs) and a new product of the week!

New Products
First up this week we have a new 100 x 50mm “breadboard style” proto board (perfboard with interconnected rails and rows like a solderless breadboard). This new board is slightly larger than our 1591B and features interconnected rows of 6 pins wide for those projects needing just a little more space. Next up, we have a new version of our 4 Channel Relay Breakout. This board has been updated to feature isolation routing, but is otherwise functionally identical. Sticking with our own designs – we also have a new add-on for the BBC micro:bit – the speaker:bit. This amplified 3” speaker with adjustable volume is perfect for exploring the audio capabilities of the BBC micro:bit. Finally, we have a common cathode 7 Segment Display in Red. This is excellent for adding a basic numeric output to a project.
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New Product Roundup – September 14th

It’s Saturday and time for another weekly New Product Roundup! This week we have five new additions to the catalogue and a new product of the week to share – lets go have a quick look!

New Products
First up this week is a pair of USB 3.1 Flash Drives – these are available in 8 and 32GB and work really well as additional storage on the Raspberry Pi 4. USB 3.0 performance means they take advantage of the Pi 4’s USB 3.0 capabilities. Sticking with the Pi, we have also added a 3′ / 1 meter version of our HDMI Micro to HDMI cable. Since the Pi 4 uses a pair of Micro HDMI ports rather than a standard HDMI port, these are necessary for connecting up monitors to the new Pi. Next up, we have a new NEMA 5-15P (Standard Wall Outlet) to bare leads breakout cable. These are use with our Mean Well power supplies! Finally, we have another new propeller to add to your collection. These are 70mm in diameter and fit a 2mm shaft.
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New Product Roundup – September 7th

Happy Saturday! It was a short week here with the Labour Day holiday last Monday – but we still have four new additions to showcase and a new Product of the Week for today’s post. We also have plenty of Raspberry Pi 4 2GB in stock, so if you have been holding off getting one, they are now available!

New Products
First up this week we have a new Mean Well Switching Power Supply – this version outputs 5VDC and a massive 10A. Ideal for powering larger DotStar / NeoPixel LED installations! Next, we have a small tool set from Pro’s Kit. This kit is primarily billed as an iPhone / Apple repair kit – but we think the assorted prying tools and tiny screwdriver bits make for a good general hacking / repair kit. Speaking of repairs, we also added a smaller width solder wick to the catalogue. This wick is a little different as it is pre-coated in a rosin flux – fast and well suited for soldering repairs, cleanup, and part removal. Finally, adding to our rare earth magnet collection, we have another round disc magnet. This one is much larger, measuring 18mm diameter and 3mm thick.
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New Product Roundup – August 31st

Hello, and welcome back to another holiday weekend edition of our New Product Roundup. The Labour Day Weekend is sort of the unofficial end of summer – but it isn’t all bad – it also means project season is upon us. We are getting geared up with a bunch of exciting new stuff over the next few weeks so stay tuned for that!

New Products
In the mean time, we have four new additions to the catalogue to share this week. First up is a 4.2hHz Piezo Element – these are great for detecting a vibration or knock and can also be used as a small buzzer. Next up is a new version of 9x9mm heatsink – these have 3M Thermal Tape applied to the back, so all you need to do is peel and stick these to whatever you want to help cool. Third on the list is a 30mm Three Blade propeller – these fit a 2mm shaft. Finally, we have a new 4 wheel drive robot chassis. This chassis is made from laser cut acrylic and is easy to assemble.
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Labour Day 2019

The last long weekend of Summer is just about here and with that BC Robotics will be closed this Monday September 2nd for the Labour Day holiday. All orders placed after 4:00 PM on Friday August 30th will ship out on Tuesday September 3rd. Our showroom will be open normal hours on Saturday, August 31st (10AM – 4:00PM) so feel free to drop by!

New Product Roundup – August 24th

It’s the weekend again, and that means we are back with another update on new products, tutorials, and a new Product Of The Week!

New Products
This week we have four new products to talk about – first up is a giant four-blade propeller. These fit a 2mm shaft and measure 100mm in diameter. Perfect for making your dull DC motor a little more exciting to experiment with! Next we have a really cool Peltier Module – this module generates electricity based on a temperature differential between each side. If you have a situation where you can sandwich this between something hot and cold, it will generate quite a bit of power! Next, we have a new version of our Basic Tool Kit at a new lower price! And finally, we have a very common “PC Power Supply” cable – AKA an IEC-C13 to 5-15P cable.

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