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New Product Roundup – June 22nd

It’s Saturday and that means we are back with another New Product Roundup! This week we have eight new items in the catalogue and a new Product Of The Week with 30% Off! Let’s go have a look!

New Products
This week we added a lot of wire. Over the coming weeks we will be adding a lot more in various sizes. We start with two new types of Magnet Wire. Magnet wire is a single solid core of copper with a thin enamel coating and is ideal for making electromagnets, motor windings, and very fine wiring. These rolls have ~ 32’ of wire and are available in 24AWG and 32AWG. Next up, we have 18AWG Solid Core wire in 5 different colors (Red, Black, Yellow, White, and Green). Finally, we have something completely different: The Adafruit Feather M4 Express featuring the ATSAMD51 chipset. This is an incredibly powerful microcontroller that works with both Circuit Python and Arduino.
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New Product Roundup – June 15th

It’s Saturday and that means we are back with another New Product Roundup! This week we have four new items in the catalogue and a new product of the week to share at 50% Off!

New Products
First up we have a new 24V Mean Well Power Supply – feed it anywhere between 100 and 250VAC and you get 24VDC @ 2.2A. The output voltage is adjustable between 21.6 and 28.8V. Next up, we have a USB to DB9 serial adapter. These are Windows / Linux / MacOS X compatible. We also added a new JST-XH 5 pin header – these are the mating connector for both of our gear reduced stepper motors . Finally, we have a male version of the Swiss Pin headers. These are ideal for tight spaces as they mate to the female connector with very little vertical space required.
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New Product Roundup – June 8th

We are back with another edition of our New Product Roundup – a weekly update on what is new in the catalogue at BC Robotics.

New Products
First up this week we have another version of our very popular illuminated power buttons. They are identical to the 9-24V version we released a few weeks back – but their backlight is compatible with 5-6V. These are available in the same 4 backlight colors: White, Green, Red, and Orange. Next up, we have a JST XH 2 pin header – these aren’t technically breadboard compatible – but they are close enough that they will fit. These are the mating connector for many of our small fans and the lock style solenoid. Finally, we have a large vibration motor. The motor runs with 3-6VDC and would work well for making a jumbo brushbot, basic force feedback systems, or even a small vibration table.
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New Product Roundup – June 1st

The weekend is here, and with that, another of our New Product Roundup Posts! We have 5 new items to share and a new Product of the Week with a new discount – so let’s get to it!

New Products
First up this week we have a new 2 x 18650 battery holder – these are hold two 18650 batters in series and have a nominal pack voltage of ~7.4V . Next up we have a new soldering station – the Xytronic LF-2900 is a 100W professional grade soldering iron. Officially they have been discontinued, however we have secured a large quantity of these irons at significant savings – perfect time to upgrade – available while quantities last! We also added a new DC barrel jack; this standard PCB mount DC Barrel Jack is the one you typically find mounted to most circuit boards. Next up, we have a new DPDT pushbutton. This tiny Dual Pole, Dual Throw (DPDT) latching On/Off pushbutton has a breadboard and perfboard compatible footprint. Finally, we have a new 14x14mm heatsink – perfect for the Raspberry Pi!
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Last Day for $2 Light Packet Shipping!

Today is the last day to take advantage of our Light Packet $2.00 shipping promotion! This pricing ends tonight at Midnight Pacific Time so don’t miss out!

Our light packet shipping option is available for over 950 items in our catalogue. These are small items that can ship by padded envelope and include everything from Adafruit Breakout Boards, mini Microcontrollers and Breakaway Headers to LEDs and Prototyping Materials. Don’t let that one missing part hold up your project any longer!

All items qualifying for this shipping method are marked by a “Light Packet” certification on their respective product page. Want to see a complete list of all eligible products? See all Light Packet Items.

There is no coupon code required for this promotion. Starting Wednesday May 1st at 12:01 AM, any eligible order will allow you to select the promotional rate at the checkout. Delivery with this shipping method ranges from 1 – 10 business days and does not carry tracking or insurance; so, if time is of the essence we do recommend selecting a faster shipping method. Have a question? Feel free to contact us.