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New Tutorial: Raspberry Pi

Part two of our Raspberry Pi Irrigation tutorial is now up! In this tutorial we will boot up the Raspberry Pi, do some initial configuration of the Raspbian operating system, and install Python libraries for a few of the sensors. Next, we will write some basic Python code to read and display the data from each of the sensors and trigger each solenoid driver to make sure everything is working as it should! Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!

New Product Roundup – April 6th

It’s Saturday and that means we are back with another New Product Roundup! This week we have six new items in the catalogue and a new Product Of The Week to share. Lets go have a look!

New Products
New to the catalogue this week, we have a larger 40 pin ZIF socket – these are great if you are programming large numbers of ICs and don’t want to mess with a conventional socket. Next up we have a couple of new sensors: A low cost DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor and a non-latching Hall-Effect sensor. In the CNC / Robotics categories we have a larger Cable Carrier to keep your cables safe and a GT2 Timing Belt Clamp. Finally, you can never have enough types of breakaway header so we added this extremely tall double stacking headers – If these don’t clear your board, maybe you shouldn’t be stacking it!
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New Product Roundup – March 30th

Time for another weekly New Product Roundup! This week we have five new items in the catalogue to share, a new product of the week, and a brand new tutorial for our Raspberry Pi Irrigation board – so let’s get to it!

New Products
To start, we have added a very basic, and economical, speaker for experimenting with audio outputs and sounds. Next up we have a new 3.5mm (1/8”) TRRS Stereo + Microphone solderable plug for making / repairing audio cables. To complement the plug, we also have a new panel mount TRRS Stereo + microphone jack – this is panel mountable and perfect for enclosures and boxes. Next, we have a set of big, beefy, pliers for not so delicate tasks. Finally, we have a tiny 30mm 5V cooling fan – ideal for our NES and SNES Raspberry Pi cases.
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New Product Roundup – March 23th

It is Saturday, and time for another weekly New Product Roundup. Today, we have four new components to share along with another new Product of The Week so let’s jump in and have a look!

New Products
This week we have added 4 new products to the catalogue. First up is a tiny limit switch, perfect for detecting if a door or access panel is open or perhaps an end stop on a small machine. Next, we have a 2.1 x 5.5mm DC Barrel with an extra long barrel length. These are great when the plug is recessed behind a panel and a standard plug isn’t quite long enough to reliably make the connection. In the LED category, we have a larger LED matrix measuring 60x60mm with 64 Red LEDs. Finally, we have low profile Swiss Female Socket Headers – these allow for much lower between board heights when stacking boards.
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