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Pi Friday – May Edition

A very popular thing to do with a Pi is make some variety of robot; maybe a crawler or wheeled vehicle or a manipulator arm or perhaps something a bit wilder like a humaniod or even an eight armed pogo-stick-using nightmare from the depths of your id.

The common thread between almost all of these projects is a need to make model servos move around to drive those arms and legs in a suitably threatening manner.


Pi Friday – April Edition

Its hard to believe its already been a month since the Pi3+ has been released. A few more Pi3 B+ thoughts today: Now that a fair number of people have received 3B+’s we can get some idea of what effect the changes have in ‘the real world’.


Pi Friday with Tim

I’m Tim, and I have been involved with ARM processors and Smalltalk since the early 1980s, working on various projects on the earth and orbiting it. More recently I have been involved in the Raspberry Pi project (using Smalltalk to make a better Scratch for all those young programmers on the Pi) and creating replica AstroPi Flight Cases (like those on the ISS).