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Raspberry Pi 2B In Stock!

Waiting out the initial rush to get your Raspberry Pi 2B? Good news – we now have the Pi 2B in stock and available today!

The Raspberry Pi 2B is the newest version of the Raspberry Pi B and features a Quad Core ARMv7 processor running 900MHz and 1 GB of RAM.


Arduino Night – March 11th at 7:00 PM

Tonight is once again, Arduino Night! We will be officially we starting at 7:00 PM and hope to see even more of you out this week!

What is an Arduino Night?
An Arduino night is a gathering of people interested in Arduino.


Pi Day Is Coming…

This Saturday March 14th is Pi day! (3.14.15) and we are celebrating with another Raspberry Pi Jam at Makerspace Nanaimo. The event will be starting at precisely 1:26PM , giving us an official start time of 3.1415926 GMT – Quite a few digits of Pi!


We Are Moving!

As many already know, we are moving! Most operations will continue as per normal, but our telephone system will be down from Wednesday March 4th to Friday March 6th while it is transferred to the new location. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns in the mean time please feel free to email us or contact us over social media.


Arduino Night – February 25th @ 7:00 PM

Arduino night is back again this Wednesday February 25th! We will be officially we starting at 7:00 PM and as always there will be a selection of parts and accessories available on hand. Last Arduino night we had a great turnout – hopefully we see even more of you out this week!