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New Product Roundup – July 9th to July 21th

Welcome back to another edition of our New Product Roundup – the weekly update we provide summarizing what is new at BC Robotics! Before we get into the new products for the week, yesterday night we made some minor changes to the website. If anything is looking a bit weird we suggest clearing your browser cache – if that doesn’t seem to fix it, we would love to hear about it.


New Product Roundup – July 8th to July 14th

Happy Saturday – we are back with another edition of our New Product Roundup! This week we are all about power. We have added several new Pololu Boost Regulators (used to boost lower voltages to higher voltages) to our collection. Just so you can keep tabs on all that current you are consuming, we also have a new SparkFun Current Sensor Breakout Board.


Raspberry Pi Weather Station Tutorial – Part 2

Part two of our Raspberry Pi Weather Station Tutorial is now up – this part focuses on getting the Raspbian operating system configured, software libraries installed for our sensors, and writing basic Python code to read each sensor and print the results. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


New Product Roundup – July 1st to July 7th

After a week off, we are back with another edition of our New Product Roundup! It was a bit of a short week but we managed to squeeze in three new products and an updated version of a catalogue veteran. In the Audio section we have added a new speaker and an internally driven buzzer.


We are back!

We are back – hopefully everyone had an excellent Canada Day Long Weekend! Our showroom is now open regular hours and local pickup orders are now processing as per normal. Also, any local pickup orders placed during our holiday weekend closure are now available for pickup.

So what do we have planned for the summer?