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New Product Roundup – May 16th

We are back with another long weekend edition of the New Product Roundup. Just a quick reminder: we are closed until Tuesday for the Victoria Day long weekend – all orders placed will be shipped / ready for pickup Tuesday. With that out of the way, let’s take a look at the five new additions and our product of the week!

New Products This Week


SparkFun Music Instrument Shield


Do you ever wish your Arduino was more musically talented? Or maybe your project could use some cool sound effects. The SparkFun Musical Instrument Shield is an easy way to add great sounding MIDI sound to your next Arduino project. This board is built around the VS1053 MP3 and MIDI codec IC, wired in MIDI mode. Simply connect a speaker/stereo/pair of headphones to the 1/8" stereo jack on the shied and pass the proper serial commands to the IC and you'll be playing music in no time! The VS1053 contains two large tonebanks including various piano, woodwinds, brass, synth, SFX and percussion sounds... [Read More]



Panel Mount USB Cable (A – Micro)


This cable is designed to extend a micro USB port to a panel mount standard USB A Female plug. These are ideal for use with the Raspberry Pi Zero or anything else with a USB OTG port. The jack has two “ears” that allow it to be mounted in a panel or box. The ears are tapped with an M3 thread... [Read More]



Needle Set – 3/9 Sizes – 20 Needles


This needle set is the only one you'll need for any sort of hand sewing, especially using our conductive thread and wearable electronics parts. Each pack contains 20 gold-eye sharps, with eye sizes ranging from #3 (1.75" long) to #9 (1.35" long). The two #3's (the largest) are too large to pass through the sewable coin cell holder but otherwise are easy to use and thread. The four #9's (the smallest) are a little difficult to thread so you may not want to use them with our conductive thread - they'll be easier to use with normal thread however. The remaining 14 needles are perfect for use with our 2-ply stainless conductive thread or 3-ply stainless conductive thread... [Read More]



Inductive Proximity Sensor – 4mm


Inductive proximity sensors are a great way to precisely detect when a metal object is at a given distance. Since this is a non-contact sensor, it is ideally suited to situations where dust, dirt, or liquids may be present. This specific sensor triggers when the sensor tip is 4mm away and features an LED that also illuminates when the sensor is tripped. Mounting this sensor is quite easy - it has a long threaded body allowing for a considerable adjustment... [Read More]



1.5 – 6V DC Hobby Motor – 300


This “300” motor is designed for 3-6V DC but will work right down to 1.5V (1 x AA battery). To make hook-up a breeze, this motor has two wires attached, no soldering required! The motor measures 24mm in diameter and 12.8mm long excluding the output shaft, which extends a further 8mm and measures 2mm in diameter. This motor's configuration also makes it a good generator for powering small LEDs for DIY energy projects! The motor's shaft is ideally sized to fit with most of our Propellers and many of the gears in our Gear Sets. . ... [Read More]

Feature Products
Product Of The Week - 35% Off


5V 2A Power Supply – USB


  This week we have 5V 2A Power Supply – USB featured as our Product of the Week. This item is on sale for 35% OFF until Friday at midnight Pacific time - so do not miss out!

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