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New Product Roundup – December 14th

It is Saturday and that means we are back with another weekly New Product Roundup! This week we have six new products to share and a new product of the week at 50% Off. Quick reminder before we jump into it – we are starting to get into crunch time with Holiday Shipping. For Western Canada, all options are still available for arrival before the Holidays. However, for our friends and followers out East, we are recommending Express Shipping starting Monday. For recommended ship-by dates, consult our Holiday Shipping Guidelines or feel free to get in touch!

New Products This Week


Ceramic Capacitor Kit – 250 Pieces


Ceramic Capacitors are a must have for any electronics prototyping! Many circuits require them so having a big selection is always helpful. This kit includes 250 ceramic capacitors (25 values, 10 pieces each) ranging between 1pF and 0.1uF and rated to 50V. Included Ceramic Capacitors: 1pF, 5pF, 6pF, 10pF, 15pF, 20pF, 22pF, 30pF, 33pF, 47pF, 68pF, 100pF, 330pF, 220pF, 470pF, 680pF, 1nF, 2.2nF, 3.3nF, 4.7nF, 10nF, 22nF, 33nF, 47nF, 0.1uF . ... [Read More]



Non-Invasive Split Core Transformer


A split core transformer (or non-invasive current sensor) is a form of current sensor that doesn’t require the existing power cable to be cut; instead this transformer clamps around a power cable. It measures the current by acting as an inductor and responding to the magnetic field around a current-carrying conductor. By reading the amount of current being produced by the coil, you can calculate how much current is passing through the conductor. This version outputs approximately 1V at 30A - which makes it great for building your own energy monitor to keep your power usage down, or even building an over-current protection device for an AC load. This version has a built in burden resistor and terminates with a standard 3.5mm "headphone jack"... [Read More]



3-6V DC Hobby Motor – 260


DC motors come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, voltages, etc. This motor is classified as a “260 Motor” and works with 3 – 6VDC. The shaft diameter is 2mm and works well with many of the gears in our assorted gear sets, most propellers, and other accessories we carry. ... [Read More]



12V Gear Motor with Encoder – 300RPM


This gearmotor with integrated encoder is perfect for your next robot or precision device. This is very similar to our JGA25-370 gearmotors – with one exception – this motor has an integrated encoder on the back! The encoder is comprised of two hall-effect sensors with a magnetic encoder disc. The disc will trigger each hall effect sensor 11 times per revolution. With two hall effect sensors you can also determine the direction of rotation... [Read More]



Dip Switch – 6 Channel


A dip switch is really just a series of switches in a DIP (Dual Inline Pin) package. These can be used on breadboards and are a compact way to fit a bunch of switches in your project. Each switch is a standard single pole single throw On/Off switch capable of handing up to 24VDC and 25mA. ... [Read More]



Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit – V1.3


The Raspberry Pi Zero Starter Kit is based on the V1.3 of the Raspberry Pi Zero and includes all the little pieces you need to get it up and running – just add a microSD card and a small power supply and you are ready to go! The Pi Zero 1.3 is a 1GHz single core miniature computer with 512MB of RAM. It has am OTG USB Port for USB accessories (Like a keyboard, mouse, or USB Hub for multiple devices) and a Mini HDMI output for connection to your monitor. There is also a mini CSI port for connecting a Raspberry Pi Camera. This kit includes an OTG Adapter cable and Mini to Standard HDMI Adapter Cable to keep things simple and easy to connect. A stick on heatsink and two types of header are also included... [Read More]

Feature Products
Product Of The Week - 50% Off


DHT11 Temperature / Humidity Sensor


  This week we have DHT11 Temperature / Humidity Sensor featured as our Product of the Week. This item is on sale for 50% OFF until Friday at midnight Pacific time - so do not miss out!

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