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New Product Roundup – November 16th

Happy Saturday! We are back with another New Product Roundup for the week of November 16th. This week we have five new products and a new Product Of The Week at 25% Off. Our annual Holiday Gift Guide has also been released for those looking for gift ideas!


New Products This Week


Aluminum Shaft Coupler – 2mm to 5mm


These small shaft couplers are ideal for connecting motors to driveshafts. The coupler has two set screws on each side to hold each shaft in place. This specific coupler is designed to connect a 2mm shaft to a 5mm shaft. On the 2mm side these couplers work well with our 3-6V Hobby Motor and 2mm Diameter Shaft. The 5mm side will fit on most of our Stepper Motors and DC Motors... [Read More]



Hakko T18-D16 Soldering Tip


This Hakko T18-D16 Soldering Tip is a chisel-type with a tip width of 1.6 mm and length of 14.5 mm. T18 tips can be used with several Hakko soldering stations and systems, including the FX-888D Digital Soldering Station and the Atten 937 Soldering Station. Chisel tips are good for general-purpose work and have a tapered edge that can fit between most components, allowing them to be used for a variety of soldering jobs. The flat tip on the chisel helps facilitate heat transfer by allowing a larger area of the iron to be in contact pins and pads. Since the soldering iron tip can easily be swapped, it is useful to keep a variety of tips on hand and use the best tip for the job; it is also useful to have extras on hand as replacements. . ... [Read More]



Pro’s Kit Electrical Tool Kit – 12 Pcs


This 12 piece toolkit is ideal for basic electrical repair and maintenance. The kit contains a cable splicing knife, snipe nose pliers, side cutters, fine tip tweezers, and a screwdriver handle with 6 interchangeable tips. All of this fits neatly into a zippered carrying case. The side cutters and cutting blade on the pliers are suitable for cutting hard steel up to 1.2mm diameter, soft steel to 2.0mm diameter, and copper up to 2.6mm diameter... [Read More]



WS2812 RGB 8×8 LED Panel


WS2812 RGB LEDs are a lot of fun and allow for colorful displays, indicators, lighting, and more. These LED panels are made up of 64 intelligent 5 x 5mm WS2812 LEDs. Each LED has its own integrated driver and is individually controllable. This board is a chain of 64 individual LEDs, and each board can be chained to create larger displays and lighting effects using a single Digital IO pin! These LEDs are powered with 5VDC and have integrated drivers so no resistors are required... [Read More]



Right Angle Mini GSM/Cellular Antenna – 2.5dBi


External antennas can make a world of difference in wireless applications! This small Cellular Antenna is compact and mounts with a right angle SMA connector - ideal for the back of a box or enclosure. Best suited for frequencies between 824-960MHz and 1710-1990MHz To connect this to a uFL connector, we recommend our SMA to uFL Adapter Cable. . ... [Read More]

Feature Products
Product Of The Week - 25% Off


127 Piece Black Heat Shrink Kit


  This week we have 127 Piece Black Heat Shrink Kit featured as our Product of the Week. This item is on sale for 25% OFF until Friday at midnight Pacific time - so do not miss out!

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