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New Product Roundup – October 26th

We are back with another New Product Roundup for the week of October 20th to 26th. In this week’s update we have six new products and a Product Of The Week at 40% Off! Also, a quick reminder: Toonie ‘tober $2.00 Light Packet Shipping ends in less than a week – so don’t miss out!

New Products This Week


Raspberry Pi Wide Angle NoIR Camera


This wide-angle Raspberry Pi camera features the same OVR5647 5 megapixel camera found in the Official Raspberry Pi Camera V1 with a few improvements. The field of view is significantly wider due to a 130 degree FOV wide angle lens with adjustable focus. The camera also features two mounting points for Infrared Spotlights – these mount directly to the camera and are powered from the Pi. The camera itself measures 25 x 24mm and 19mm tall with a 145mm (~5.5 inch) cable... [Read More]



775 DC Motor Bracket


Large DC motors with round casings can be tricky to mount in place - thankfully for our most powerful motors we have a metal mounting bracket. This 3mm thick 90 degree formed bracket has precisely machined mounting holes to match the mounting hub and M4 mounting holes found on our 12-24VDC 775 DC Motor. There are four 10 x 4mm slots on the base of the bracket allowing for it to be easily positioned. The base measures 50 x 52mm and stands 53mm tall... [Read More]



CR2032 Battery Holder


This coin cell battery holder is a small, secure, way to hold a single CR2032 battery in a project. These have two large solder pads for soldering and plastic tabs to help hold the battery in place. . ... [Read More]



Metal Panel Mount 2.1mm DC Barrel Jack


This compact metal panel mount DC Barrel Jack is great for getting power inside of an enclosure or case. These sockets are compatible with all 2.1mm power plugs, and can be mounted in panels up to 2.25mm thick. The narrow diameter of this jack makes it ideal for tight spaces. This version of panel mount DC barrel jack pushes through from the back side of the panel... [Read More]



16mm Panel Mount Momentary Button


These chrome-plated momentary metal buttons are rugged and look great! Simply drill a 16mm hole into any material up to 1/2" thick and you can fit these in place, there's even a rubber gasket to keep water out of the enclosure. On the front of the button is a flat metal actuator and on the back there are 2 screw terminal contacts for the button. This button is momentary button, when you press it the 'normally-open' contact shorts to the common contact. When you release the button, it springs open, and the contacts open up again. ... [Read More]



WS2812 RGB 1×8 LED Stick


WS2812 RGB LEDs are a lot of fun and allow for colorful displays, indicators, lighting, and more. These LED sticks are made up of 8 intelligent 5 x 5mm WS2812 LEDs. Each LED has its own integrated driver and is individually controllable. This small board is a chain of 8 individual LEDs, and each board can be chained to create larger displays and lighting effects using a single Digital IO pin! These LEDs are powered with 5VDC and have integrated drivers so no resistors are required... [Read More]

Feature Products
Product Of The Week - 40% Off


DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor


  This week we have DS18B20 Digital Temperature Sensor featured as our Product of the Week. This item is on sale for 40% OFF until Friday at midnight Pacific time - so do not miss out!

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