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New Product Roundup – August 24th

It’s the weekend again, and that means we are back with another update on new products, tutorials, and a new Product Of The Week!

New Products
This week we have four new products to talk about – first up is a giant four-blade propeller. These fit a 2mm shaft and measure 100mm in diameter. Perfect for making your dull DC motor a little more exciting to experiment with! Next we have a really cool Peltier Module – this module generates electricity based on a temperature differential between each side. If you have a situation where you can sandwich this between something hot and cold, it will generate quite a bit of power! Next, we have a new version of our Basic Tool Kit at a new lower price! And finally, we have a very common “PC Power Supply” cable – AKA an IEC-C13 to 5-15P cable.

Product Of The Week – 30% Off!
Product of the Week is our Mini Drill Bit Set – 0.3mm to 1.2mm. This kit contains 10 tiny bits ranging from 0.3mm to 1.2mm in 0.1mm increments. 30% Off until Friday at midnight – so don’t miss out!

100mm Four Blade Propeller – Red

This Four Blade 100mm generic fan/propeller works great for moving air or water. Use it to build your next miniature hovercraft, boat, or just to make your DC motor less boring! The propeller is designed to fit on a 2mm shaft and will work with most small DC hobby motors we stock.

Peltier Thermoelectric Generator Module

Peltier generator modules are very interesting devices – these generate a voltage when there is a temperature difference between each side of the module. With these modules, the heat of your hand is enough to generate a small voltage. As you increase the temperature difference between the two sides, the voltage generated increases.

The Basic Toolkit V1.2

Start your adventure into electronics with a great selection of tools. This electronics kit has all the essentials for wiring, kit assembly, and basic prototyping. The kit includes one of our Adjustable Soldering Irons, a Soldering Iron Stand, 63/37 Leaded Solder, Flush Diagonal Cutters, Wire Strippers, and a Solder Sucker (de-soldering tool).

5-15P to IEC-C13 Power Cord – 6′

This 5-15P to IEC-C13 power cord probably isn’t unfamiliar – they are found on the back of computer power supplies, TVs, and many other higher powered electronic devices. They feature a standard three prong North American plug on one end and the IEC-C13 3 prong plug on the device end. The cable measures 6’ in length, has 18AWG conductors, and is suitable for applications drawing up to 10A.

New Tutorial!

Setting Up A Cron Job On The Raspberry Pi
Cron jobs are an easy way to schedule a script or program to run at specific dates and times in regular recurring cycles. In this tutorial we look at how to set one up on the Raspberry Pi. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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