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New Product Roundup – January 26th

Hello everyone and thank you for joining us for this edition of our Saturday New Product Roundup. We have seven new products to showcase and a new product of the week to share.

New Products
So what’s new? This week we have a Self Priming Water Pump that works quite well with drip irrigation stuff, two new screw terminals / terminal blocks in a 5.08mm pin pitch, 3 types of female stacking header for Arduino (and others), an extremely powerful “standard size” servo motor, and a strong metal servo arm.

Product Of The Week
Product of the week is our Basic Mini Alligator Clips – 10 Pack – These alligator clips are an easy way to connect a few things together temporarily that just wont fit in a solderless breadboard. Each set includes 10 cables. 15% Off until Friday at Midnight – so don’t miss out!

Metal RC Servo Arm – 25T

Plastic servo arm / horn not quite doing it for you? This anodized aluminum servo arm is probably up to the task! The arm fits any servo motor with a 25 tooth spline and includes two screws to clamp it down firm. The arm measures 35mm with two M3 mounting holes measuring 20 and 24mm from the center of rotation.

Small Self Priming Water Pump – 3-12V

Want to run an irrigation project without connecting it to a constant source of water pressure? This small self priming water pump moves quite a bit of water and can generate enough pressure for a small drip irrigation system. The pump is equipped with 1/8” compatible barbs (similar to those found on most popular drip irrigation systems). Unlike most of our water pumps, this one is not to be submerged; instead, it features an inlet port on the bottom and outlet port on the side.

Terminal Block – 3 Pin 5.08mm

These 5.08mm (0.200″) Terminal blocks are a great way to make semi permanent connections between PCB and loose wiring. Multiple terminal blocks can be snapped together to form larger strips!

Terminal Block – 2 Pin 5.08mm

Just like the three pin version above, these are a great way to make semi permanent connections between PCB and loose wiring. The pitch allows them to be used in any standard perfboard and they will fit in a breadboard as well.

6 Pin Arduino Stacking Header

Stacking headers are a type of breadboard pitch female connector with extended male pins on the bottom. These extended male pins are compatible with the female sockets found on many popular microcontrollers (such as the Arduino) and allow for circuit boards to be connected (without a mess of wires) and still be removeable.
This specific header has 1 row of 6 pins.

8 Pin Arduino Stacking Header

Just like the 6 pin version above, this 8 pin version is compatible with the female sockets found on the Arduino along with other microcontrollers. Typically two of the 8 pin would be needed for the Arduino.

10 Pin Arduino Stacking Header

Similar to the above two versions, this 10 pin header is a breadboard compatible pitch. R3 Versions of the Arduino use a 10 pin header for digital pins 8-13 – so this is a perfect fit for compatible add on shields.

Power HD High Torque Servo – 1501MG

The HD-1501MG is a powerful standard-size servo that features metal gears and two ball bearings. This servo can deliver a tremendous amount of torque for a servo this fast. At 4.8V this servo’s stall torque is 215 oz-in, while at 6.0V it is 240 oz-in. These numbers rival that of fairly strong stepper motors!

New Tutorial!

Using an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor With Arduino
In this tutorial we will be looking at how to use an Ultrasonic Sensor to measure distance using an Arduino. These sensors are generally inexpensive, fairly accurate, and not affected by lighting conditions like infrared based systems. We will be looking at three Ultrasonic sensors, these are all code compatible but require subtle changes in the wiring due to differing pinouts. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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