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New Product Roundup – January 12th

Happy Saturday! We are back with another edition of our New Product Roundup – a weekly update of what is new at BC Robotics. This week we have a bunch of new products and a new product of the week to share.

New Products
There are 8 new products for this first full week back in 2019. To start, we now have both male and female DB9 panel mount connectors. We also added a “PC style” panel mount inlet socket (IEC320 C14) and the new Adafruit Prop-Maker FeatherWing. In the robotics department we now have two types of continuous loop GT2 belt, a new DC motor experiment pack, and a NEMA 17 Stepper Motor Bracket.

Product Of The Week
Product of the week is our Premium HDMI Cable – 10′ – This premium HDMI 1.4 cable supports 1080p video and has 24K gold plated contacts. Perfect for connecting a Raspberry Pi or other device to a monitor or television with an HDMI input. 15% Off until Friday at Midnight – so don’t miss out!

DB9 Female Serial Connector

Connecting large numbers of wires through a panel or box can be a bit of a pain. This panel mount DB9 Female connector is designed to solve that! It will mate to any standard DB9 Cable with a male connector.

DB9 Male Serial Connector

Similar to the female version, this panel mount DB9 Male connector is designed to mate to any standard DB9 Cable with a female connector.

Panel Mount Inlet Socket – IEC320 C14

Looking to give your project that professional finish? For those times when you need to have a detachable way of supplying AC power to your project – this IEC320 C14 socket may be the answer. These are the same style of connector found on the back of most monitors, computer power supplies, HDTVs, and projectors – so it is likely you may even have a few extra cables laying around!

DC Motor Experiment Pack – 12 Pcs

This pack contains 12 assorted DC motors – perfect for experimenting and building small electronic projects! The kit includes a small vibration motor, a flat motor, several types of small motor, and a few larger ones as well. Aside from the vibration motor, each has a small plastic gear on the output shaft. The gears will mesh with any of our assorted plastic gear sets.

GT2 Closed Loop Belt – 280mm

The GT2 system of timing belt and pullies are commonly used for 3D Printers, small CNC machines, and other motion platforms where precise movement is necessary. Normally it is sold in open lengths but it can be quite tricky to use if you want to use it as a continuous drive belt. This small continuous loop solves the problem and allows continuous rotation of the output.

GT2 Closed Loop Belt – 400mm

Similar to the 280mm version above, this slightly longer version measures 400mm in length. GT2 continuous drive belts are compatible with all standard GT2 pullies.

Adafruit Prop-Maker FeatherWing

The Adafruit Prop-Maker FeatherWing is a cosplay and prop-maker add-on board. Coupled with an Adafruit Feather you have an all-in-one battery powered electronics package for your next prop! The board is packed with features perfect for making sabers & swords, props, toys, and cosplay-pieces come to life!

NEMA17 Stepper Motor Bracket

Mounting stepper motors can be a bit tricky – they have specific mounting holes but what if whatever you are attaching it to doesn’t? That’s where this handy metal bracket comes in! The bracket is designed to fit any NEMA17 stepper motor and includes hardware.

New Tutorial!

Using an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor With Arduino
In this tutorial we will be looking at how to use an Ultrasonic Sensor to measure distance using an Arduino. These sensors are generally inexpensive, fairly accurate, and not affected by lighting conditions like infrared based systems. We will be looking at three Ultrasonic sensors, these are all code compatible but require subtle changes in the wiring due to differing pinouts. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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