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New Product Roundup – November 11th to November 17th

Its Saturday once again! Time for our weekly New Product Roundup and a quick overview at anything else new here at BC Robotics.

New Products
One of the most exciting things this week would be the release of the new Raspberry Pi 3A+ , a slimmed down Raspberry Pi 3B+. Our first shipment is inbound – these can now be pre-ordered, but note that stock is limited. We have also added a new Breadboarding Essentials kit for Arduino containing a selection of breadboards and breadboarding accessories, a new Raspberry Pi Retro Game Kit – With Controller that is perfect for building your own Pi based RetroPi game emulator, and a compact, keychain sized, USB reader for microSD cards.

Product Of The Week
This week we have our Liquid Flow Meter on sale as product of the week. It will be 15% Off until Friday at midnight.

Black Friday
Our biggest sale of the year is coming up quick! This year we have pulled out all the stops. Our Black Friday Sale starts at 9:01 PM on Thursday November 22rd and runs through until November 26th at 11:59PM Pacific Time. For exclusive access to advanced information on our Black Friday sale, sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already!

Breadboarding Essentials Kit for Arduino

Breadboarding is an important part of developing circuits; our Breadboarding Essentials Kit for Arduino includes all of the important bits for breadboarding with the Arduino. In each kit we include a Large, Half, and Mini solderless breadboard, 3 sets of jumper wires, and a mounting plate.

microSD USB Reader

Need to write that latest Raspberry Pi Disc Image? Check the contents of your data logging project? This awesome little microSD USB reader is up to the task! Just slide your microSD card into the inside of the USB connector and stick this into any USB port and the card’s contents will pop up on your computer.

Raspberry Pi Retro Game Kit – With Controller

This complete retro game kit includes everything you need to build your very own Raspberry Pi based game system. The kit includes the newest Raspberry Pi 3B+, a Power Supply, a RetroFlag NESPi case, SNES style USB game controller and a 32GB microSD for plenty of storage. To get started, simply install the RetroPi software and follow the instructions!

Raspberry Pi 3A+

The Raspberry Pi 3A+ is the newest release from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. This minimalist board based on the 3B+ has many of the same features crammed into a smaller footprint. It retains the same 64-bit 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, dual-band WiFi, and Bluetooth 4.3/BLE as the Raspberry Pi 3B+ but the Ethernet and 3 USB ports have been removed to fit into the smaller 65 x 56mm form factor. The onboard RAM has also been slimmed to 512MB.

New Tutorial!

Using an Ultrasonic Distance Sensor With Arduino
In this tutorial we will be looking at how to use an Ultrasonic Sensor to measure distance using an Arduino. These sensors are generally inexpensive, fairly accurate, and not affected by lighting conditions like infrared based systems. We will be looking at three Ultrasonic sensors, these are all code compatible but require subtle changes in the wiring due to differing pinouts. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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