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New Product Roundup – October 21st to October 27th

Happy Hallo-weekend! This week we don’t have anything particularly scary in our New Product Roundup, but we do have four new additions to the catalogue to talk about! We now have two incredibly tiny stepper motors – these are actually so small, they qualify for light packet shipping! We also have a new, more accurate, version of the very popular ultrasonic sensor and a larger alligator clip “grabber” kit for the SparkFun Third Hand.

Product Of The Week
Product of the week is our Continuous Rotation Servo – these specialized servos rotate forwards or backwards continuously instead of moving to a stationary position. They make an easy drive system small robots as they don’t require a motor controller. 15% Off until Friday at midnight!

Promotional Shipping
Also, we want to remind everyone again that there are only a few days left with our Toonie ‘tober promotional shipping. Light Packet items are shipping for just $2.00 through October. Over 850 items in the catalogue qualify.

Micro Stepper Motor with Lead Screw – 30mm

Stepper motors are ideal for positioning – but how do you translate the rotation of the output shaft to a linear movement? A lead screw! These incredibly tiny stepper motors have an integrated lead screw with a M1.5 thread – making them ideal for fine linear positioning. They are easy to mount with their bracket and can be made to move small things back and forth without too much trouble.

Ultrasonic Distance Transducer – HY-SRF05

Meet the HY-SRF05 – a longer range, more precise ultrasonic sensor. These sensors use a pulse of ultrasonic sound and listen for a response. We have found this version to be quite a bit better at detecting objects at longer distances than the HC-SR04. The SRF05 will detect a person sized object out to approximately 4 meters; walls and other large flat surfaces can be measured over 5 meters away!

Large Clip for SparkFun Third Hand

This alligator clip with a threaded base and matching 8/32 x 1” screw are used to add a larger alligator clip to the SparkFun Third Hand or to create an additional arm using one of our Flexible Coolant Pipes. This kit includes enough components to make one additional hand (one flexible coolant pipe is required, but not included).

Micro Stepper Motor with Lead Screw – 51mm

If the last Micro Stepper Motor was too small, these guys are a tiny bit longer! They feature an M2 threaded shaft and measure 51mm in length. The motor / lead screw combo also has integrated bracket that keeps everything lined up.

New Tutorial!

Getting Started With The Raspberry Pi Relay HAT
Our Pi Relay HATs are designed to allow your Pi to switch higher voltages and higher currents from one self contained board. In this tutorial we are going to go over soldering the header to the Relay HAT, use Python with the included Pi.GPIO library to write code that triggers each relay, and go over the external relay connections and configuration options on the board. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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