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New Product Roundup – October 14th to October 20th

It’s Saturday and we are back with our New Product Roundup for October 14 – 20th. This week the dominant news is the looming Canada Post Strike. Canada Post has reaffirmed they will remain open and operational despite rotating strikes by union employees. So what does this mean for you? At this time customers may experience minor delays in shipping. This will largely depend on your location and the timing of any day of rotating strikes in your region. If your order is time sensitive, we are able to ship via Purolator and FedEx, choose the courier option at the checkout.

Ok enough about shipping. We have added just a few new items to the catalogue. We have a 100 pack of smaller 4” zip ties to complement the 8” pack we added a few weeks back. We also have a new style opto-interrupter with mounting tabs for building wheel encoders, and a new Experiment Kit for the BBC micro:bit – this collection of accessories and components for the micro:bit allows you to pair it with a solderless breadboard and start using sensors, LEDs, motors, and more!

Product Of The Week
This week we have picked our 140 Piece Breadboard Jumper Wire Kit as Product Of The Week. These pre-formed and stripped solid core wires are very handy for prototyping on a solderless breadboard as they fit flush to the board, and keep everything nice and organized. They are 15% Off until Friday at midnight!

Promotional Shipping
Also, we want to remind everyone again that all Light Packet items are shipping for just $2.00 in October. Over 850 items in the catalogue qualify. Toonie ‘tober promotional shipping runs right through to October 31st.

4″ White Cable Ties – 100 Pack

Zip ties / Cable Ties are a must have in every electronics workshop. These smaller 4″ nylon straps have a locking tab in the base and allow groups of wires to be tied together or secured to something solid so they don't get snagged. These are a white/natural color and are sold in packs of 100. To cut these we recommend our Flush Diagonal Cutters for nice clean edges!

Opto-Interrupter with Mounting Tabs

An opto-interrupter is like a tiny trip line, when something solid passes between the emitter and the receiver it is detectable as a change in the digital output. These are great for making very low cost rotary encoders and optical end stops. Use this with our Encoder Disk to create a simple rotary encoder.

micro:bit Experiment Kit

Maybe you have a BBC micro:bit and are wondering what to do with it next? This kit is collection of components commonly used with the micro:bit and it will keep you experimenting with the micro:bit and electronic circuits! Sense light, read the temperature; and use potentiometers, pushbuttons, and slide switches as inputs. Light up LEDs, drive motors, generate sound, work with transistors, and more! This kit has all the components needed to tinker and create a variety of interesting projects.

New Tutorial!

Getting Started With The Raspberry Pi Relay HAT
Our Pi Relay HATs are designed to allow your Pi to switch higher voltages and higher currents from one self contained board. In this tutorial we are going to go over soldering the header to the Relay HAT, use Python with the included Pi.GPIO library to write code that triggers each relay, and go over the external relay connections and configuration options on the board. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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