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New Product Roundup – October 7th to October 13th

Happy Saturday everyone! We are back with our New Product Roundup for October 6 – 13th. This week, everyone was a bit groggy from a Turkey hangover… but despite that, we have managed to get a bunch of new goodies added to the site. So what is new? Well, we have a DIY Generator Kit – this complete kit allows you to build your own hand powered generator (complete with tutorial!). There is also a new, smaller, pack of low cost alligator clips, and a new miniature On/Off Rocker Switch. Finally, we went a bit Third Hand crazy this week: the coolant tubes and alligator parts kits used to add additional arms to the SparkFun Third Hand Kit are now available (and the SparkFun Third Hand Kit is back in stock as well).

Product Of The Week
If that isn’t enough Third Hand talk – our product of the week is our basic Third Hand With Magnifying Glass – 15% Off until Friday at midnight!

Promotional Shipping
Also, we want to remind everyone again that all Light Packet items are shipping for just $2.00 in October. Over 850 items in the catalogue qualify. Toonie ‘tober promotional shipping runs right through to October 31st.

Ok enough of that, let’s go have a look at each new product!

DIY Generator Kit

Have you ever wanted to build your own generator? This basic generator kit contains all of the pieces required to make a hand cranked LED light. Simply follow our build tutorial and you will be generating electricity before you know it!

Basic Mini Alligator Clips – 10 Pack

These basic alligator clips are an easy way to connect a few things together temporarily that just wont fit in a solderless breadboard. Each set includes 10 cables, each with an alligator clip on both ends. Two colors of each cable are included (Yellow, Black, Red, Green, White).

Small On/Off Rocker Switch

This incredibly small rocker switch measures just 14.9 x 10.5mm and 19.75mm deep. The switch is rated to 3A at 250VAC and 6A at 125VAC. Wiring these switches is easy; there are two contacts in this Single Pole, Single Throw (SPST) switch, meaning it works as a simple On / Off. Wires can be attached via solder or a 1/8” female spade terminal (quick connect).

SparkFun Third Hand Parts

This parts kit is used to modify our Flexible Coolant Pipes into additional grippers for your SparkFun Third Hand Kit. This kit includes enough components to make two additional hands (two flexible coolant pipes are required, but not included).

Flexible Coolant Pipe – 1ft

What are flexible coolant pipes doing in our catalogue? Well, these are actually used with the SparkFun Third Hand Kit. When alligator clip ends are added to these pipes they make extremely flexible arms, ideal for holding all sorts of small things. The SparkFun Third Hand Kit has room for 4 additional arms to add an LED to help you see, blow air for fume extraction, or whatever else you might come up with!

New Tutorial!

Assembly Guide for DIY Generator Kit
We always deal with electricity in our projects, but have you ever generated your own? This tutorial will step you through building our DIY Generator Kit. The DIY Generator is designed to light an LED purely by spinning a handle. Interested? Head on over to the tutorial!


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