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New Product Roundup – August 5th to August 11th

It’s another Saturday and with that we have another New Product Roundup and another new Product Of The Week! Product of the week is our USB Microscope at 15% Off – these are perfect for inspecting circuit boards without straining your eyes! New to the store, we have an Infrared Proximity Switch, a 3.3V Zener Diode to keep your 3.3V logic circuits safe, and another style of mini-grabber cable. Lets jump in and take a look at each!

Infrared Proximity Switch – E18-D80NK

The E18-D80NK digital proximity sensor uses an infrared LED and receiver to determine the presence of an object within a specific distance. These make great obstacle detectors and can also be used as an optical gate or in positioning applications where stopping at certain distance is needed. Mounting this sensor is quite easy – it has a long threaded body allowing for a considerable adjustment.

10 Wire Mini Grabber to Female Pin Cable

Sometimes prototyping or troubleshooting means working with odd-ball components that might not fit in a breadboard or may already be soldered in place. It can be a pain to get them wired into a circuit, especially when it might only be needed for a moment. That is where these jumpers come in handy! The cable has 10 x 28AWG conductors; each with a spring loaded mini-grabber on one end, and a female square compatible socket on the other.

Zener Diode – 3.3V 1W

These 3.3V Zener diodes are well suited for protection on 3.3V circuits like those found on the Raspberry Pi. A Zener diode works like a conventional diode up until the point you hit the breakdown voltage (the point at which the diode can no longer “hold back” the current trying to flow backwards in your circuit). A “normal” diode will allow current flow to reverse direction when the breakdown voltage is exceeded while a Zener diode allows everything over the breakdown voltage to trickle through while holding back the rated voltage. Zener diodes make great low current voltage stabilizers, reference voltages, and are one method of protecting I/O pins from over-voltage.

Upcoming Workshops

With the nice weather out there, our scheduled workshops will be taking a break over the summer! Do you have a group or want to schedule a private session? These are still available for booking, please contact us for more information!


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