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New Product Roundup – July 22nd to July 28th

Welcome to another Saturday New Product Roundup! This week we have added a couple new products and tracked down an old favorite! Also, we pushed through a bunch more updates to the website, so hopefully the product pages are looking a lot better for all of our mobile users (if not, we suggest clearing your browser cache!)

New for the week: a lower cost, GP-20U7 56 Channel GPS receiver for all of your global positioning needs, a larger spool of 63/37 leaded solder, and last, but not least, we have managed to track down more of the 5V Inductive Charger modules – these are now back in stock after being unavailable for quite some time. Lets go have a closer look at each!

GPS Receiver – GP-20U7 (56 Channel)

The GP-20U7 is a compact GPS receiver with a built-in high performance all-in-one GPS chipset. The GP-20U7 accurately provides position, velocity, and time readings as well possessing high sensitivity and tracking capabilities. Thanks to the low power consumption this receiver requires, the GP-20U7 is ideal for portable applications such as tablet PCs, smart phones, and other devices requiring positioning capability.

63/37 Leaded Solder Spool – 100g

By popular request, we now have larger spools of 63/37 solder. The solder is leaded (63% tin, 37% lead) and features a water soluble rosin core. We recommend this solder for beginners and experts alike as 63/37 tends to have excellent thermal characteristics. This spool has 100 grams of solder (roughly 1/4 lb) and should last the average user quite some time.

Inductive Charging Set – 5V

Would you like to build your own wireless charger? This is a great starting point! Inductive charging is a way of powering a device without a direct wire connection. Most people have seen inductive charging in a rechargeable electric toothbrush: you may have noticed that you recharge it by placing it into the holder, but there's no direct plug. These chargers work by taking a power transformer and splitting it in half, an AC waveform is generated into one, and couples into the second coil.

Upcoming Workshops

With the nice weather out there, our scheduled workshops will be taking a break over the summer! Do you have a group or want to schedule a private session? These are still available for booking, please contact us for more information!


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