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New Product Roundup – June 17th to June 23rd

Happy Saturday! We are back with another New Product Roundup! Three more additions to the shop this week – a weatherproof enclosure we use in our Raspberry Pi Weather Station, an excellent starter Solder Station for your workbench, and a new breadboard jumper wire assortment – two times the parts, and a lower price!

Before we have a closer look at each of these new products, a quick note: We will not have a New Product Roundup next Saturday, as it is the Canada Day long weekend. Our showroom will be closed from Wednesday June 27th @ 5PM to Thursday July 5th at 10AM for an extended weekend. Online customers do not need to worry, during this closure orders will continue to process and ship. Have a question? Please feel free to contact us.

Alright – lets have a look at these great new products!

4x4x2″ Weatherproof Box – Grey

Weatherproof enclosures are always useful when the project on your workbench is somewhat finished, and ready to venture outdoors. The lid is held down with 4 rotating tabs, and provides a safe environment for your electronics. Depending on the nature of your project, you may also want to use cable glands to get wiring in and out to keep it fully sealed. We use these for our Raspberry Pi Weather Stations and they seem to hold up quite well!

Atten 50W 110V Soldering Station – AT-937

This compact but 50W-powerful stationary soldering iron is a great entry-level soldering station. It’s not much more expensive than the chunky ‘all in one” irons, but comes with a separate power supply and pen on a nice, lightweight, flexible cord. The iron heats up fast and solders both lead and lead-free solder without issue.

Breadboard Friendly Jumper Wire Kit – 140 pcs

Breadboard jumper wires are great for quickly assembling a circuit on a solderless breadboard. Each kit contains several different 22AWG wire lengths pre-bent and tinned; the wires are color coded based on the length. Since these lay flat and are cut to length, this style of breadboard wire tends to provide an organized, easy to follow, layout on the breadboard. These are shipped in a segmented storage case to keep them all organized.

Upcoming Workshops

With the nice weather out there, our scheduled workshops will be taking a break over the summer! Do you have a group or want to schedule a private session? These are still available for booking, please contact us for more information!


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