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New Product Roundup – June 3rd to June 9th

The weekend is here, and with that, another of our New Product Roundup Posts! This week we have a new add-on for the Raspberry Pi, designed and manufactured here at BC Robotics. Our new Raspberry Pi Weather Board simplifies the electronics side of building a Raspberry Pi based Weather Station. We also have a giant propeller, a fan cover for our 40mm fans, and a smaller assortment of gears. Lets jump in and have quick look at each!

Raspberry Pi Weather Board

The Pi Weather Board is an easy to use carrier board designed to simplify the connection of weather sensors to the Raspberry Pi. The board adds a 4 channel, 12-bit Analog to Digital Converter (ADC), breakouts for I2C, SPI, and Serial, an on board footprint for the Adafruit BME280 (Temperature, Pressure, Humidity), RJ11 connections for the SparkFun Weather Meters, a connection point for the DS18B20 Temperature Sensor (with onboard pull-up resistor), and a spot to plug in a Servo motor.

40mm Fan Cover

Fans are great – until something gets caught in them…! This simple metal Fan Grill fits over any standard 40 x 40mm PC Fan and will help prevent things from ending up in the blades. These fit our 5V 40mm fan, 12V 40mm fan, and our Raspberry Pi Fan HAT (longer screws required).

8″ Propeller – Orange

We have a couple smaller propellers – so why not a huge one as well! This 8” prop can move some serious air. Use it to make a fan, propel a hovercraft, or whatever else your imagination may come up with!

Assorted Plastic Gear Set – 34 Pcs

Gears are incredibly useful – they can be used to create custom gearboxes to transfer motion, change output shaft speed, increase torque, and any number of other gear like functions. Different types of gears have different purposes and this kit has a great assortment of regular gears, crown gears, worm gears, linear gears, double reduction gears, and even a few pulleys to experiment and create with. This set also includes a gear with an offset output shaft (for translating rotational to linear motion) and a half gear with a slot for translating back and forth motion to rotational motion.

Upcoming Workshops

With the nice weather out there, our scheduled workshops will be taking a break over the summer! Do you have a group or want to schedule a private session? These are still available for booking, please contact us for more information!


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