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New Product Roundup – April 15th to April 21st

Happy Saturday! Just a short New Product Roundup for this week. So what’s new? Well, we have another new microcontroller from Adafruit based on the Atmel ATMEGA32u4 chipset, another version of our surprisingly popular ceramic screwdrivers, and an even larger perfboard / protoboard. Let’s go have a closer look at each!

Adafruit ItsyBitsy 32u4 – 5V 16MHz

What’s smaller than a Feather but larger than a Trinket? It’s an ItsyBitsy! A small, powerful, Arduino-compatible microcontroller board. These are perfect when you want something very compact, but still with a bunch of pins. ItsyBitsy is only 1.4″ long by 0.7″ wide, but has 6 power pins, 6 analog & digital pins and 17 digital pins. It packs much of the same capability as an Arduino UNO. So it’s great once you’ve finished up a prototype on a bigger Arduino, and want to make the project much smaller.

Ceramic Screwdriver – Flat 0.9mm YR-034A

Ceramic screwdrivers are extremely useful to have around the workbench. These are specifically designed for tuning and adjusting electrically sensitive equipment as they are anti-static, non-conductive, and anti-magnetic. This specific size is a Flat 0.9 – we use these for adjusting tiny multi-turn trim pots – no need to power down to make an adjustment! They are also ideal for adjusting components in high frequency circuits.

Prototype Board – 15x9cm

By popular demand, we now have an even larger Prototype/Perfboard to take your breadboard project to something a little more permanent! This prototype board is 150 x 90mm and uses a standard 2.54mm / 0.100″ spacing. The grid is 54 x 33 holes, meaning there are 1782 solder points on the board.


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