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New Product Roundup – February 18th to February 24th

Our New Product Roundup is a quick look at the new products we have added to the catalogue this week – and it being Saturday – we are back with another one! This week we have a new 2.4GHz antenna, two more sizes of solderless breadboard, and nylon wire protector (sold by the meter). We also have a couple more Raspberry Pi Workshop available for registration in the coming weeks and months. Lets go have a closer look at each of these new additions!

Solderless Breadboard – XL

This breadboard is considered 'extra large sized' and is mounted to a metal plate. There are also three binding posts that mount to the plate, allowing for banana plugs or large power wires to be easily connected and tied to the power rails on the breadboard. The breadboard itself features 1660 tie points in 8 interconnected power/ground columns and 126 interconnected rows.

2.4GHz Mini Antenna with uFL Adapter

These tiny drill bits have been incredibly popular since we first brought them in – so now we have added another size assortment! They are a great thing to have at any work bench and are ideal for model builders, cleaning 3D printer nozzles, and drilling small holes! This set of 10 tiny bits range from 0.1mm to 1.0mm in 0.1mm increments.

Wire Protector – 8mm Black – 1M

This tiny cellular antenna measures just 7.2 x 36mm with a thickness of only 2mm. The adhesive backing makes mounting a breeze and the uFL connector will connect to most on board external antenna connections. This antenna works well with a variety of RF projects (including Cellular 2G/3G GSM/GPRS) in the ranges of 780 ~ 960 and 1710 ~ 2170MHz.

Solderless Breadboard – Mini Transparent

In addition to the smaller sized set, we also have a larger size assortment spanning from 1.1mm to 2.0mm in 0.1mm increments.

Raspberry Pi Pan/Tilt Camera with MotionEye Workshop – April 3rd

We have another Pan/Tilt Camera with MotionEye Workshop coming up on April 3rd. his workshop will show you how to assemble a Pi camera with an optional powered tilt and swivel mount and get it running with software that you can use to make a security camera, a wildlife camera, a video doorbell, a time-lapse camera, a party photobooth or *insert your own wild idea here*.

Raspberry Pi Beginner Workshop – May 4th

Can’t make the beginner workshop we have coming up on March 20th? No need to worry – we also have another scheduled for May 4th. e will cover everything from opening the box to getting a basic working Pi running so you can use Scratch, Python, Sonic Pi, the web browser, and other built in software. You will learn about the best places to find more info and how to load and update programs.


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