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Sparkfun micro:bot

New Product Roundup – November 5th to November 11th

Welcome back to another edition of the New Product Roundup! Just a quick reminder that we are closed today (Saturday, November 11th) and Monday November 13th for Remembrance Day. Any orders placed over the weekend will ship out Tuesday. Alright, back to the products. This week we have a new micro:bit based robot kit from SparkFun, a 6 pin panel mount connector set, and a new coin cell battery holder for wearable projects. Let’s go have a closer look!

SparkFun micro:bot Kit

Is there a better way to learn electronics and learn to code than with a robot kit? Probably not – robots are great! The SparkFun micro:bot is an easy to assemble kit that allows you to turn your BBC micro:bit into a wheeled robot… after all, nothing is more engaging than building your own wheeled minion to follow you around!

6 Pin Chassis Connector – Panel Mount (M/F)

This 6 pin connector set is perfect for providing a secure, strong, connection between a fixed object and a cable. The panel-mount side of this connector is designed to fit in a 15.5mm diameter hole and should work with materials up to 4mm thick. The cable-mount side of this connector has a built in strain relief clamp and a ring that threads on to the panel-mount side of the connector to prevent it from pulling off.

Coin Cell Battery Holder – 20mm (Sewable)

Coin cell batteries are a popular way of powering many wearable projects – they are not bulky and easy to hide away. This simple coin cell battery holder is designed for the CR2032 battery and has a neat pop-in, pop-out design that makes changing the battery very easy. The positive and negative outputs from the battery holder are also the mounting points – conductive thread can be sewn right through the holes to power your project!


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