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New Product Roundup – October 29th to November 4th

Winter has arrived early on the coast – so it looks like it is going to be a great weekend for project building! This week we have a few new products in our New Product Roundup – a new safe way to control high voltage devices, a vertical mount servo holder for our sub-micro sized servos, and a brand new media center remote.

IoT Power Relay

This IoT Power Relay is an easy to use power bar with a few tricks up its sleeve. It is specifically designed to allow microcontrollers like the Arduino and single board computers like the Raspberry Pi to control power to high voltage devices in a safe manner. Unlike any standard power bar, this has a relay inside that can be used to switch the sockets On/Off. No need to expose any high voltage wiring!

Sub-Micro Servo Holder – Vertical

Mounting servos in different locations can be a little bit tricky – a while back we developed a very simple “vertical” servo mount for sub-micro servos like the SG90 and the Generic sub micro servo . This isn’t the most elegant solution, it is just a simple 3D printed bracket with a few mounting holes.

Media Center Remote

Having a keyboard and mouse to control your media center isn’t ideal – and that is why we brought in this awesome media center remote / keyboard combination. This remote is plug and play compatible with PC / Mac / Linux as well as most Android Media Boxes and the Raspberry Pi Media Center. The remote also has a programmable infrared transmitter so it can be used to control standard TVs.


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