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New Product Roundup – September 24th to September 30th

It must be Saturday as we are back for another New Product Roundup! This week we have a new MicroPython / Circuit Python board from Adafruit Industries, another new accessory for EL Wire from SparkFun, a couple revised books for the Raspberry Pi, and a higher voltage capacitor. Let’s go have a closer look at each!

1uF 160V Capacitor

Electrolytic capacitors are really handy to have laying around. Typically these are used for surge suppressing / transient voltages / filtering out noise at the ~1KHz or less. This specific capacitor is rated for 1µF and 160V with a +/- 20% tolerance. These capacitors are polarized and should not be hooked up backwards. The negative is denoted by a white line down the side of the capacitor with a negative symbol.

Adafruit Trinket M0

The Adafruit Trinket M0 is a powerful, yet tiny, microcontroller based on the Atmel ATSAMD21 chipset. The board is small enough to fit in any product and priced low enough to use without worry. Best of all, the Trinket M0 supports Circuit Python! This is Adafruit’s lowest cost CircuitPython board – these are shipped with CircuitPython pre-installed and ready to roll. Simply plug it in to your computer using a micro-USB cable and it will appear as a very small disk drive. Edit the main.py file with any text editor to create your code and use it in your project. There is no IDE or compiler required, so it can work with just about anything that can see a flash drive and edit a text file.

EL Inverter – Battery Pack

This 2xAA battery powered inverter is specifically designed for our SparkFun EL wire – these sections of EL wire have a mating JST-PH connector and simply plug in. The inverter can power up to 6 meters of EL Wire, 3 meters of EL Tape, or 1 EL panel. The inverter has three power modes: Solid On / Slow Flash / Fast Flash – these are accessed by pressing the power button.

Adventures In Raspberry Pi

We now have the Third Edition of Adventures of Raspberry Pi in stock. This guide is a great introduction to the Raspberry Pi and introduces users to a variety of software including Turtle Graphics, Sonic Pi, Minecraft, Scratch, and Python. The book also introduces users to basic electronics with the Pi.

Programming the Raspberry Pi: Getting Started with Python

We now have the updated version of Programming the Raspberry Pi: Getting Started with Python. This version includes an improved chapter on GPIO, a new LED chapter, and support for the Raspberry Pi Zero.


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