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New Product Roundup – July 9th to July 15th

It is Saturday, and that means it is time for another New Product Roundup! This week we have just a few new products to showcase. Let’s jump in and have a look at a portable butane soldering iron kit from Weller and a few different variations of female to female 70cm hookup cables!

2 Pin F/F Jumper Cable

Since not every board has the same standardized pinout, and repining cables can be a pain, we have found these cable assemblies quite useful. One end of the cable features a solid 2 pin female connector while the other end has 2 individual female connectors. These individual pins are very useful when connecting basic digital sensor or LED to something like the Raspberry Pi or Arduino, where power, ground, and data pins are scattered across the headers.

3 Pin F/F Jumper Cable

Next we have a 3 pin version of this cable; it features a solid 3 pin female connector while the other end has 3 individual female connectors. These would be very useful with basic digital sensors, analog sensors, and even servo motors.

4 Pin F/F Jumper Cable

And finally we have also have a 4 pin version of this cable with a solid 4 pin female connector and 4 individual female connectors. This one is particularly useful with I2C based sensors and other 4 wire devices.

Weller Portable Butane Soldering Iron Kit

The Weller Portasol Kit is a fantastic box filled with a pocket-sized, butane-powered soldering iron as well as multiple attachments for it. Each soldering iron has been equipped with a push-button Piezo ignition that adjusts from 25-Watt to 75-Watt for ease and convenience. This iron is versatile too, functioning as a soldering iron, hot air gun, butane torch or hot knife; you’ll be hard pressed to find something you can’t do! It’s ready to use quickly — fewer than 40 seconds after ignition — and can run for up to 60 minutes on a single tank of butane.

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