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Manufacturer:          SparkFun
Manufactured In:       United States
Mfg Part Number:        DEV-12651
Recommended Skills:
Soldering Skill:         N/A
Prototyping Skill:    N/A
Programming Skill:        Beginner
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Warranty Policy:     30 Day Warranty
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SparkFun Digital Sandbox

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The Digital Sandbox (DS) is a learning platform that engages both the software and hardware worlds. It’s powered by a microcontroller that can interact with real-world inputs – like light or temperature sensors – while simultaneously controlling LEDs, motors, and other outputs. The Digital Sandbox is equipped with everything, on board, you will need to complete 13 experiments, including controlling an LED, measuring how loud things are, detecting what the temperature is, and more. Think of this as a SparkFun Inventor’s Kit, all in one board!

By interfacing the Sandbox to your computer via a USB cable, the Sandbox can be programmed using the popular Arduino programming environment. To further simplify the experience, we’ve designed the Sandbox and its guide around a simple, “blocky” programming add-on to Arduino called Ardublock. Using ArduBlock – a simple, graphical version of the popular Arduino language – you will be able to program all the experiments with a simple graphical interface instead of writing code.

The full-color Digital Sandbox Guide (included) contains step-by-step instructions on how to connect each circuit with the included parts. Full example code is provided and explained, and even includes troubleshooting tips if something goes wrong. The kit does not require any soldering and is recommended for beginners ages 8 and up.

Circuit Examples:
•Circuit 1: Exploring Blink
•Circuit 2: Multi-Blink
•Circuit 3: Dimming (the Hard Way)
•Circuit 4: Dimming (the Easy Way)
•Circuit 5: Color Mixing
•Circuit 6: Number Storage with Variables
•Circuit 7: If This, Then That
•Circuit 8: The Reaction Tester
•Circuit 9: Serial Calculator
•Circuit 10: Do the Analog Slide
•Circuit 11: Automatic Night Light
•Circuit 12: Thermal Alert!
•Circuit 13: Sound Detecting

Please note: There are three additional circuit experiments (Circuit 14, 15 and 16) included in the guide book that will require the Digital Sandbox Add-On pack.


  • SparkFun Digital Sandbox Board
  • USB Mini-B Cable – 6ft
  • Phillips Machine Screw – 4-40, 3/8″
  • Clear Acrylic Baseplate
  • Instruction Manual
  • Standoff – 4-40, 3/8″


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