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Manufacturer:          BC Robotics Inc.
Manufactured In:       Canada
Mfg Part Number:        PROTO-026

Mounting Plate for Arduino



One of the biggest challenges when prototyping is just keeping everything in place. Often the spring of the hook-up wires is enough to lift small sensors or slide your Arduino and breadboard away from each other on the bench – hardly secure for testing. This prototyping plate aims to solve the problem!

The plate is produced in house at BC Robotics from laser cut 1/8″ acrylic. It has 6 perimeter mounting holes as well as plenty of space for the included adhesive rubber feet – this should keep your project where you want it! There are also 6 mounting holes for Arduino – the plate can accommodate all standard R3 footprint Arduinos (Uno, Leonardo, Ethernet, and Yun) as well as the larger Mega, MegaADK, and Due. Next to the Arduino, a Large Solderless breadboard (not included) can be mounted using its adhesive backing. There is also space below for a battery pack.

Each kit includes the plate, 4/40 x 3/8″ machine screws, 4/40 nuts, and a set of adhesive rubber feet.

  • Dimensions: 6 x 7 x 1/8″ (152 x 178 x 3mm)
  • Laser cut acrylic
  • Compatible with most Arduino R3 Standard and Mega Footprints
  • Screws, nuts, and adhesive feet included
Arduino Uno
Arduino Mega
Arduino Due
Arduino Yun
Arduino Zero
Arduino Leonardo
SparkFun Redboard
Adafruit Metro

Tight fit, standoffs recomended.
Is not completely compatible – may require modification, accessories, or lack full functionality
Not compatible

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