Small 60/40 solder spool

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Manufactured In:       Taiwan
Recommended Skills:
Soldering Skill:         Beginner
Prototyping Skill:    N/A
Programming Skill:        N/A
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Warranty Policy:     30 Day Warranty
Return Policy:      14 Day Unopened / Unused

Mini Solder Spool



Soldering isn’t something to be scared of – when you have the right tools and materials! This 60/40 Leaded solder is ideal for those just getting started in the world of soldering. It is very easy to work with, flows well, has a low melting point, and has a rosin core to clean the points being soldered. The rosin is “No Clean” meaning it is stable after soldering and does not need to be cleaned up.

This spool has 100 grams of solder (roughly 1/4 lb) and should last the average user quite some time. If you are looking for a smaller amount, we also carry a 10 gram tube as well!


  • 60/40 (Sn/Pb) Leaded Solder
  • 100g / ~ 1/4 lb roll
  • “No Clean” Rosin Core
  • 0.031″ Diameter


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