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Manufactured In:       China
Mfg Part Number:        LJ12A3-2-Z/BX
Recommended Skills:
Soldering Skill:         N/A
Prototyping Skill:    Beginner
Programming Skill:        N/A
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Warranty Policy:     30 Day Warranty
Return Policy:      14 Day Unopened / Unused

Inductive Proximity Sensor



Inductive proximity sensors are a great way to precisely detect when a metal object is at a given distance. Since this is a non-contact sensor, it is ideally suited to situations where dust, dirt, or liquids may be present. This specific sensor triggers when the sensor tip is 2mm away and features an LED that also illuminates when the sensor is tripped. Mounting this sensor is quite easy – it has a long threaded body allowing for a considerable adjustment.

Internally this sensor is wired like an NPN transistor; the base pin of the transistor is triggered when the metal object is at a distance of 2mm. The sensor operates at 6 – 36VDC and will output the same voltage on the output wire. Because of the higher voltage, the output will need to have the logic level shifted to a lower voltage to operate with a Raspberry Pi or Arduino. To wire up this sensor: Brown = DC in: (6 – 36VDC) , Blue = Ground , Black = Output Signal .


  • Output type: NPN
  • Detection Distance: 2mm
  • Diameter: 12mm / 0.46″
  • Wire Colors: Brown (VDC), Blue (GND), Black (OUT)
  • Voltage: 6-36VDC
  • Type: Normally open (NO)
  • Body Length: 58mm / 2.25″
  • Wire Length: 1150mm / 45″

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