IC Hook for grabbing ICs
Mini IC ClipMini IC ClipsIC Hook for grabbing ICs

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Manufactured In:       China
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Soldering Skill:         N/A
Prototyping Skill:    Beginner
Programming Skill:        N/A
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Warranty Policy:     30 Day Warranty
Return Policy:      14 Day Unopened / Unused

IC Hook with Pigtail – 5 Pack



Have you ever needed to test an IC after it is soldered in place? This set of 5 cables have an IC Hook / Grabber on one end with a male pin on the other end. Instead of a single hook, these have two hooks that are capable of grabbing very small points (like SOIC IC legs). Comes in a bag of five IC hooks of different colors (black, red, white, blue, and green). We use them with the Bus Pirate logic analyzer harnesses but they are very useful on their own.

Wire length is 2.5″ long. Male pin easily inserts into breadboard or other standard 0.1″ connector.


  • Wire length: 2.5″
  • Set of 5

In stock (can be backordered)

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