Additional Information:
Manufacturer:          BC Robotics Inc.
Manufactured In:       Canada
Mfg Part Number:        DEV-002
Recommended Skills:
Soldering Skill:         Beginner
Prototyping Skill:    Beginner
Programming Skill:        N/A

Dev Board 2.0



This Arduino shield is designed to work like a prototyping strip board. Just like a strip board or a solderless breadboard, the pins are tied together into rails and rows. There are six full length horizontal rails ideal for power and grounds. We have added solder jumpers to the ends of these rails making it extremely easy to set each individual rail as 5V or GND – just add a blob of solder to select which one you would like to use or leave it empty if you have other plans! Each pair of full length rails is separated by vertical rows of 4 pins. This familiar format makes for an easy transfer of a prototype circuit on a breadboard to a much more permanent shield.

The board has the standard Arduino R3 header configuration but will require tall pins to clear some Arduino boards USB / Ethernet ports. Shield Stacking headers sold separately.

  • Arduino R3 header configuration
  • Familiar breadboard layout
Arduino Uno
Arduino Mega
Arduino Due
Arduino Yun
Arduino Zero
Arduino Leonardo
SparkFun Redboard
Adafruit Metro

Tall headers are required to clear USB and Ethernet ports.
Is not completely compatible – may require modification, accessories, or lack full functionality
Not compatible

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    These are fantastic, had great success with this making an idle controller. Very well thought out. the power/ground rails are awesome!

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