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4 Pin AMP Superseal Connector – Pre-Wired



Good quality weatherproof connectors are sometimes quite hard to come by. These connectors come in several pin configurations and are designed to take the day to day abuse found in a dusty or wet environment. The secure locking tabs prevent wires from being pulled from the connector and the connector from becoming disconnected.

This set is pre-assembled – meaning no fancy crimping tools are required. Each set includes both the male and female half of the connector with pigtail wires. The pigtail wires are 18AWG and measure approximately 5″ in length. If you prefer, we do also offer these connectors in kit form.


  • Wire Length: ~ 5″ / 13cm
  • Weatherproof / Dust poof
  • Wire Gauge: 18AWG
  • Keyed with locking tab

In stock (can be backordered)

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