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New Product Roundup – January 22th to January 28th

It is Saturday morning once again! Time for another New Product Roundup. This week we have a few new components, a new set of crimpers, and a low cost speaker. Let’s jump in and go over a little more detail on each!

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The Single Board Computer Competition Heats Up

Asus, a very well known manufacturer in the Computer / Laptop market, has made their first step into the world of the single board computer with the Tinker Board. The form factor of this new board looks nearly identical to the Raspberry Pi 3, but the specs of their first release are far from the same. Asus has come out swinging with a quad core 1.8GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, and an impressive GPU capable of 4K H.264 playback. Asus claim it is twice as powerful as the current Pi 3.
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New Product Roundup – January 15th to January 21th

Welcome back to another weekly New Product Roundup! This week we saw quite a few new parts added to the catalogue including everything needed to monitor your heart rate using an Arduino, a couple new cable connectors, a shaft coupler for our NEMA 23 stepper motor, and a new capacitor. No time to waste – let’s take a closer look!

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New Raspberry Pi Compute Module

The Raspberry Pi foundation took a stab at brightening up blue Monday this year with another new product! This morning the Pi Foundation released two updated versions of the Raspberry Pi Compute module based on the Pi 3 architecture and a brand new Compute Module IO board. For those unfamiliar, the compute module is a Raspberry Pi geared towards hardware developers and looks like a stick of laptop RAM.
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New Product Roundup – January 8th to January 14th

It is Saturday – and that means time for another New Product Roundup! This week we have a variety of new products including an awesome Super Nintendo style USB gamepad, new solder, a float switch, and a few others. Let’s jump in and go over a little more detail on each!

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