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Soldering Level 1 Workshop

Makerspace Nanaimo and BC Robotics will be hosting another level 1 soldering workshop.

When: Saturday, November 21st @ 1:00pm
Where: 2221 McGarrigle Road, Makerspace Nanaimo

In this workshop we will be learning how to solder a blinky light. This will include identifying each of the components, locating where they go on the circuit board, and soldering them in place.


Halloween Showroom Hours

Just a reminder that our showroom is will be closing at 5:00pm on Halloween Day! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!


assembled plush game controller

Plush Game Controller

I absolutely love video games so I decided to try out the plush game controller designed by Adafruit Industries. I went along with most of the instructions provided but decided to change a couple! Having a laser cutter sitting right next to me, I thought laser…material…let’s make this go faster!


selection of E-textile components


You may have asked yourself – “what are wearables?” They are embedded electronics combined with fabric and textiles. Wearables are also know as smart garments, smart clothing, electronic textiles, smart textiles or smart fabrics. They share many of the same familiar components as conventional electronics including microcontrollers, battery packs, sensors and LEDs as well as some that may not be so familiar such as conductive thread, fabric, and sewable components.


Raspberry Pi Media Center Workshop

Raspberry Pi? Media Center? Makerspace Nanaimo will be hosting a Raspberry Pi Media Center Workshop.

When: Wednesday, October 21st @ 6:30pm
Where: 2221 McGarrigle Road, Makerspace Nanaimo

We will be covering the entire process of setting up a Raspberry Pi for use as a Media Center including installing the software, configuring the system, plugging it in, and how to use it once set up.