About BC Robotics

BC Robotics Inc. is a supplier and manufacturer of electronic kits, components, and accessories based in Nanaimo BC, Canada. We stock a large selection of popular items from Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Adafruit Industries, SparkFun Electronics, Pololu, Sparkle Labs, and many more! Our inventory is always expanding and welcome custom orders from our customers.

We started BC Robotics in early 2012 as an adventure into the world of robotics and electronics by a group previously focused on training simulator design and construction. Our past projects and hobbies suffered as there wasn’t a local source for anything electronics or robotics related. The selection available often meant ordering from the United States and paying the high cost of international shipping and duty; from that BC Robotics was born. The vision was to assemble a selection of interesting tools, kits, and components and offer them through an easy to use online store based in Canada. We would ship the items with simple flat rate shipping, and remove the worry of hidden charges when packages arrived. We also did not want to ignore the local community and decided to offer a local pickup option free of charge as well.

In 2013, BC Robotics became involved with the creation of a local Makerspace in Nanaimo. Our close ties to people in the community had sparked many discussions about an open workshop where we could all build and create together. A group was formed, and in late 2013 Makerspace Nanaimo was founded.

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to share the cool thing you are building – Feel free to reach out to us via Email, Facebook, Google+, or Twitter – We would love to hear from you!