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New Product Roundup – July 23rd to July 29th

Just a couple new products added for this weeks’s New Product Roundup. We now have a new, smaller, Vacuum Air Pump for situations where the large 12V pump we normally carry wont work. We also have added a Raspberry Pi Ethernet HAT which is designed and built here at BC Robotics. This board is technically meant for use with all versions of the Pi Zero, but also works great with the Raspberry Pi A+. Let’s jump in and have a closer look!

Micro Vacuum Air Pump

This tiny vacuum pump is useful for removing small amounts of air from enclosed spaces. The pump can move 0.28L of air per minute and has a vacuum range of 0 – 5.9” Hg. The input and output are labeled and have 1/8” (3.2mm) outer diameter fittings. The motor is driven by 3V DC and will have to have wires soldered to the small solder tabs on the motor.

Raspberry Pi Zero Ethernet HAT

The Raspberry Pi Zero is a great little single board computer – and while the newest version of the Pi Zero has wireless connectivity on it, sometimes an Ethernet connection is preferred. This HAT is specifically designed for that situation. The HAT adds basic Ethernet connectivity using the SPI bus by way of the ENC28J60 chipset. This chip isn’t going to provide connectivity capable of streaming movies, but it will work for many Internet of Things applications. The Ethernet HAT is compatible with all versions of the Raspberry Pi Zero.


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