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New Product Roundup – March 19th to March 25th

It is Saturday morning once again: Time for another installment of our New Product Roundup! This week’s post features a bunch of Adafruit Breakout Boards and another DIY USB cable end. Let’s jump in and go over a little more detail on each!

Adafruit TPL5110 Low Power Timer Breakout

The Adafruit TPL5110 Power Timer is a stand-alone breakout that will turn any electronics into low-power electronics! It will take care of turning your project on/off using a built in timer that can vary from once every 100ms up to once every two hours. This timer then waits for a “safe to turn off” signal from your project before shutting down the power and starting the timer again. Very useful for battery based long term data logging projects!

Adafruit 9-DOF Breakout – LSM9DS1

Add motion, direction and orientation sensing to your Arduino project with the latest LSM9D breakout board! The LSM9DS1 features a Triple Axis Accelerometer, Gyro, Magnetometer, and a Temperature Sensor. Attaching it to the Arduino is simple, power Vin and GND with 3-5VDC, and wire up I2C data on SCL and SDA, and you’re ready to go! More advanced users can use SPI, the Adafruit library has support for both.

TPA2012 Stereo 2.1W Class D Audio Amplifier

The TPA2012 amplifier is a replacement for the older TS2012 amplifier and can be used interchangeably in 99% of projects. Just like the TS2012, the TPA2012 is rated class D and can operate on anywhere between 2.7V-5.5VDC. It also features overcurrent and thermal protection built right in. The board ships fully assembled and includes optional breakaway headers for breadboard use and screw terminals for speaker outputs.

USB DIY Connector Shell – Type Mini-B Plug

Make your own USB connections without slicing apart a USB cable and soldering those thin wires inside. Each connector comes with a two-part plastic shell and a proper connector with solder tabs for each of the internal pins. The shell has two pieces that snap together and also includes a cable strain relief that fits over your cable.


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