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Raspberry Pi Jam – Pi Day!

Pi Day is coming once again this March 14th! This year we are celebrating it with a Raspberry Jam at Makerspace Nanaimo. So what is a Raspberry Jam? It is a great opportunity to learn about the Raspberry Pi and see what other enthusiasts have been doing with their Raspberry Pi. There will be Raspberry Pi demos, discussions, and projects on hand to have a look at as well as a variety of Raspberry Pi set up to try out. We will also be on hand with a variety of Raspberry Pi and accessories to purchase. The Raspberry Jam runs from 6PM to 8PM on Tuesday March 14th.

This event is free but the Makerspace does appreciate donations – these donations are used to further improve the makerspace and host future events! Want to learn more about Makerspace Nanaimo, other events they host, or just how to get there? be sure to check out their website: http://www.makerspacenanaimo.org


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