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New Product Roundup – January 29th to February 4th

Welcome back to another New Product Roundup! Every Saturday we like to take a look back at the week that was, and go over the newest additions to the shop. This week we have a varied set of products so let’s go have a look:

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor – Weatherproof

Ultrasonic sensors are great at measuring distance; they have a much longer range than most infrared sensors and do not suffer from the same issues infrared sensors have outdoors. This sensor is very similar to those used on modern park assist modules in cars. The sensor portion of this module is weather resistant and has a long cable so the driver board can be mounded in a safe, dry, place.

Multimeter Probes – Standard

Over time, multimeter probes can become worn or damaged. These replacement multimeter probes are great for attaching to multimeters, power supplies, oscilloscopes, function generators, etc. The cables are made with silicone wire and feature comfortable rubber grips. Each pair of cables come in standard red/black colors with caps to protect the tip leads.

6 Pin Pin AMP Superseal Connector – Kit

These 6 pin connectors are designed to take the day to day abuse found in a dusty or wet environment. The connector ships as a kit and includes all the components needed to build a complete 6 pin connector. The secure locking tabs prevent wires from being pulled from the connector and the connector from becoming disconnected.

22uF 25V Capacitor

We have been asked quite a bit for capacitors between 10uF and 100uF – as a result we are now stocking a 22uF 25V capacitor. These are quite small and work well with solderless breadboards and perfboards.

47uF 25V Capacitor

To further bolster our capacitor selection between 10uF and 100uF we also have added a 47uF 25V capacitor to the catalogue. Just like the 22uF capacitor above, these are breadboard and perfboard compatible.

2 Pin SM Connector Pre-Wired

Adding to our choice of two wire connectors, we now have this “SM” type connector. The connector is keyed to prevent reverse insertion and has a locking tab to ensure both halves stay connected. This measures 23 x 10 x 12mm when connected and has 19 cm wire leads on each side.


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