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New Raspberry Pi Compute Module

The Raspberry Pi foundation took a stab at brightening up blue Monday this year with another new product! This morning the Pi Foundation released two updated versions of the Raspberry Pi Compute module based on the Pi 3 architecture and a brand new Compute Module IO board. For those unfamiliar, the compute module is a Raspberry Pi geared towards hardware developers and looks like a stick of laptop RAM.

This new Pi module is probably not something the average tinkerer or hobbyist is going to be using. The module itself will not run without a Compute Module IO board or a custom designed circuit board. The idea behind this product was to create an inexpensive way for product developers to build “custom Pis” in their own form factor with access to every pin and IO port available on the BCM2837.

While we will not be stocking this module in the online store, Both versions of this new Compute Module and the associated Developers Kit are available for custom order. To find out more, please contact sales@bc-robotics.com

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