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Just Arrived Today

The newest product released by the Raspberry Pi Foundation just showed up today – and Yes, we do have a few in stock. The Official Raspberry Pi Starter kit is billed as a premium Raspberry Pi Starter Kit – and they are not kidding around. All you need to get this “mini computer in a box” up and running is some electricity and a monitor – that’s it! Everything else is included in this extremely well packaged kit.

It is worth noting that the price point is definitely higher than most Raspberry Pi Starter Kits on the market but, once you factor in everything that it comes with, it is well worth it. The components are all of very high quality; The keyboard and mouse have a great feel and are definitely something worth having, the book is well written, and everything else just works. All in all, a great kit for someone who just wants to plug it all together with no messing about.

Are you interested in picking one up? We have had an extremely limited quantity on hand so jump on over to the product page to place the order. Please note: Due to the extremely low number available we will have to limit these to one unit per customer and they will not be eligible for our free shipping promotion.


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