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New Raspberry Pi Camera

Production of the original Pi Camera’s image sensor ended in 2014 so we have known for quite some time that there would be a new Pi Camera coming – it was only a matter of time! The new Pi Camera is a higher resolution an 8MP Sony IMX219 and features better color representation, better image quality, and better low light performance in addition to the increased resolution. At this time the video resolution / record rates are the same 1080P @ 30FPS, 720P @ 60FPS, and VGA @ 90FPS but using the new image sensor, the overall quality should be much better.
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Showroom Closed Saturday

Please note: Due to an event this weekend our showroom will be closed this Saturday April 23. We will reopen on Monday at 10AM as per normal.


VIU Engineering Bridge Design Contest 2016

Once again we were invited to attend this years Vancouver Island University Engineering Bridge Design contest. Each year teams of first year engineering students form groups and attempt to build the best bridge crossing within budget and material constraints. This year the goal was to build a prototype bridge the proposed Tram / Pedestrian crossing in Alphen, Netherlands. Many of the students have been visiting us over the past few weeks, picking up different parts for their projects and seeking advice. It was really awesome to finally see how they used everything to create their bridges. All of the bridges looked great!

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Easter Weekend

Happy Easter! Our showroom will be closed Friday, March 25th thru Monday, March 28th. We will be re-opened on Tuesday, March 29th 10:00AM. All orders placed after 4:00PM Thursday, March 24th will ship Tuesday March 29th.


Raspberry Pi 3

Good news if you have a Raspberry Pi 3 on order with us – we are extremely happy to say that we have a ton of Raspberry Pi 3 in stock and will be shipping out all Pi3 backorders / preorders by Friday! If you haven’t ordered one, there are quite a few still available right here: Raspberry Pi 3!

Initial thoughts on the Pi 3: We have had some time to play around with the new Pi in the shop – while the 3 does not have that same kick in the pants performance jump over the Pi 2 as the Pi 2 did over the B+ when it was first introduced, the added performance is still quite noticeable. Our favorite change by far is the removal of the spring loaded latching microSD slot. This was the number one cause of warranty issues with the Pi 2 so the change to a friction microSD slot (like those found on the Pi Zero) was a welcome sight! The WiFi seems to work well – it is definitely convenient having it on board along with Bluetooth. Overall it another solid improvement on the Pi flagship model – one can only speculate what they will come up with next!


Nanaimo Pi Day 2016

Just a reminder – our showroom is closed tomorrow as we are attending Nanaimo Science and Sustainability Society’s annual Pi Day celebration. We will have a table and demonstrations set up so be sure to drop by if you are in the area – We will have a variety of Raspberry Pi set up to try out as well as stock on hand if you want to pick one up! For more information please check out the NS3 Website!


The New Raspberry Pi 3

Just in time for the Raspberry Pi’s 4th birthday the Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced the Raspberry Pi 3!

So what has changed with this already fantastic single board computer? There are 3 major upgrades to the Raspberry Pi 3:

The chipset: The Pi 3 features the next generation Broadcom BCM2837 64-bit ARMv8 quad core processor clocked to 1.2GHz. This is a very notable upgrade over the Pi2 and equates to about 50-60% more performance in 32Bit mode.

Connectivity: The Raspberry Pi 3 now features on board 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth LE 4.1. That is right – no more USB dongles required! This has been a popular request since the early days of the Pi.

Power: The third upgrade is to the on board power – due to the addition of the new wireless features the 5V supply has been upgraded to handle up to 2.5A compared to the 2A of the previous Pi 2.

The remainder of the Pi 3 spec sheet looks very similar to the Pi 2. As the same form factor and ports have been carried forward, the Pi 3 is compatible with just about all of the accessories out there for the Pi 2.

As always, BC Robotics will be carrying the Raspberry Pi 3 in Canada and we are currently taking pre-orders for this product: Raspberry Pi 3